Why has the role playing community's went so far down hill ? - Questionsrus
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People will read this question and probably say WTF, What are yo talking about many of the role play communities are thriving and have thousands of users, But what those people are not aware of is what is really going on in these communities and the insane levels of censorship which I am desperately try to make people aware of below is a list that I have composed of what nearly all role play communities are doing now to one degree or another
read it and judge for your self.

Why 1 on 1 role playing has wen to hell ?

As a great deal of you have probably become aware of over the years 1 on 1 role playing today has literally went to hell and after years of personal experience and a great deal of research, I have come to the simple conclusion that the majority of the problems lay on the people who run the web sites that are promoting role playing, it is they that are at the heart of all the problems you will encounter when it comes to 1 on 1 role playing,it is they that create insane rules it is they that do not teach proper role playing and honoring a commitment, They do not make a attempt to teach what true role playing is all about cause they them self's do not know what real role playing is all about thus have a situation of the blind leading the blind, it is no wonder
1 on 1 role playing has went to hell.

Below I have composed a short list of the things that I have come across and have had personal experience with,This list will help you to become aware of what to look for in a bad community's so you can better protect your self and save your self a lot of emotional stress...

01:They tell you how old you can make your character and what you can use it for.
02:They allow people to age discriminate between characters.
03:They require you to put your birthday info in (privacy violation).
04:They tell you what you can name your own character.
05:They tell you that you may not ask for personal information such as the gender of person you are role playing with.
06:They allow their members to treat people like crap.
07:They allow their members to block you without any reason what so ever.
08:They allow their members to break a agreement to do a role play.
09:They legally threaten you in some way.
10:They have no concept of what true role playing is all about.
12:They allow people to do Para role plays on live chat rooms.
13:They allow people role play with multiple people at the same time.who made agreements with other people.
14:They allow grammar Nazis to treat people like dirt.
15:They allow furry's to treat people like dirt.
16:They allow furry's to refuse to tell their gender.
17:They allow people to put in their human morrows of right and wrong on non human characters.
18:They allow people to change or alter a plot without even telling the creator of that plot they are doing so.
19:They allow people to steal other peoples plot without asking.
20:They tell you that you may not ask people individually to role play,
21:The tell you that you may not post your personal contact information.
22:They tell you that you may not ask for contact information.
23:They tell you that you may not post links to other sites.
Some like rp nation actually have rules to tell you what you can do off their site.
(yes you actually read the last one correctly).

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