Terms and Rules



Terms and Rules:

You the reader and or readers do here by agree to the following:

1:That the owner of this site is in no way accountable and or responsible for the actions and or repercussions of the people who use this site.
2: You also agree these rules and terms may change at anytime.
3: You agree that your account can be deleted or banned for violation of these terms or in threaten this site, Owner or its members in anyway.
4. You agree that all People here will be treated as adults.
5. you agree that you will under no circumstances to disclose personal information regarding other people, That especially goes for age.


Rule1: Minors who have chosen to ignore the w.a.r.n.i.n.g <http://questionsrus.com/intro.html> will have their accounts deleted if they disclose their age or give any clues to their age, This rule is to protect people from age entrapment.
(in short if you are a minor I do not want to know it or to be given any clues to it)

Rule 2: Age Entrapment for lack of a better term, People who attempt ether find out other peoples age or to make certain they have a clue as to how old they are through the use of age trickery will not be tolerate here in the least, For examples of age trickery please click Here <<http://questionsrus.com/Docs/age.html>>...

Rule 3: Discussions related to P.e.d.o.p.h.i.l.e.s is strictly prohibited here, Reason: Many web host now scan for key words and will shut down a site if they find such activity.

Rule 4: Discussions related to harming animals is prohibited, Many people such as myself are animal lovers and are easily offended by such discussions, (The only exception to this rule is Girls Swallowing live things such as gold fish and such, as I am vorephile by heart)

Rule 5:Please Do not share your account with anyone, if you do and you end up losing it,Then you have nobody but your self to blame.

Rule 6: Always play it safe, Never agree to meet someone off line unless you take some precautions such as telling someone where you are going, taking a few friends along and meeting in a public place.

Rule 7:Please Do not lie about your gender,Not all people find that to be amusing.

Rule 8: Grammar Nazis are not wanted here This is not English 101

Rules and Terms will be updated as needed:

Should you agree to the above Click on register and check mark the box on the top left hand corner of Terms box below the Iam not a robot, if not thank you for coming...



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