Age Entrapment


From the time we are born to the time we take our last dying breath in this world our lives in one way or the other is totally govern by society's definition age control, We are told the Who,What,Where,When,and Why, of what we are expected accomplish, and what we are expected to give up, and even how we are expected to act and what we can and can not do all based on nothing more then our body's physical age,Sadly people have become so programmed they will give out their age without even realizing they are being a victim age discrimination, Go to a chat room someone says 3 simple letters asl, and they are automatically condition to give out their age, gender and location just like that without even thinking about why they are even being asked for this information, But what is really sad is how people actually believe they are as old as their physical body, Do to the endless programing in how we think, Our physical age has nothing to do with our true age, if you were to get into a brand new car and drive that car around for five years does not make you 5 years old the same analogy can be said in regards to your physical body which is driven around by your soul...

Sadly all this age entrapment we have been condition to for hundreds of years has created nothing but endless age discrimination in our lives and even more stupid age control laws, people today are victims of age discrimination and never even realize it, What it comes down to is your age is none of no body's business and you have every right to keep your age and all clues to your age private,Sadly however people have become a master at trying to get your age or the reverse giving you their age, with out your consent Which is why Iam going to give you the reader examples of how to recognize when it is happening so you can better protect your self, Awareness is your key...

Primarily you have two different types of people, The age Giver and the age Finder, The age giver is someone who going to do their damist to make certain you know how old they are or at least a idea of their age range, while The age finder is going to do everything with in their power to find out how old you are or at least a idea, and they can be pretty dam tricky in how they do it below are just some of the examples.

1.Coming right and telling you their age (even when no one asked for it)

2.Having their age or birth year right by their name example John42 or Jane 1991

3.Engaging is a simple conversation to catch you off guard.

4.Saying something as to give you clue as to how old they for example:

Saying something school related or My mom wants me off the computer is pretty much a clear indication this person is under 18
While saying something like I need to go buy a beer or smoke is a pretty clear indication that the person is over 18

other examples are:

I work I drive I go to school I rent I smoke,See all these are age related statements as a person must be a certain age in order to do them,Then there is the redirect method they will try to redirect you to a place that does have all their personal info,Hey you want to check out my face book account or Hey you want to a see picture of me,and these are just the tip of the iceberg of how age giver works some may say nothing at all but have someone tell you for them in order to catch you off guard.

Now lets take a look at age finder the Age finder is someone who is going to do their dammed best to get a clue as to how old you are and they are pretty much like age givers and use many of the same methods only in reverse for example like asking you age related questions Do you work, Do you drive, Do you Smoke, Do you go to School nearly any question they asked is designed as to get a clue towards your age, They also want to know if you have my space or face book accounts try to find out if have any friends online who may give them you age or at the very least a clue to you age.

Well there you have few good examples on how to better to protect your self, But to me it has always come to down to simply start leaving age and all clues to age out of the picture, if we can learn to do this I honestly believe the world would be a far more happier place.



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